Saturday, June 13, 2009

Zombie Apocalypse

I've been working hard at getting site up and running. It's coming soon. In the mean time I've been burning the midnight oil with a new minibust I call "The Return" These will be extremely limited edition, one of a kind painted mini busts. I'm planning a custom paint job for each one. Some will have real human hair. They are made from high quality translucent resin and have really cool subsurface flesh qualities. I'm also planning to sell 10 or so blanks (unpainted) At some point. Check back for details.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Defect" is almost ready

I sent this guy out to Monster Palooza and hopefully he'll generate some interest. He's a nice high quality translucent resin bust. I'll be doing an extremely limited run on the high end translucent resin casts (maybe 8? fully painted) but will also hopefully have some latex mask versions, lo-run of course. When they're gone they're gone.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Wicked Workshop Begins!

Hello all, welcome to The Wicked Workshop. My name is Chris Perna and I've been designing monsters and creatures all my life. I am an avid horror fan and collect horror movies and magazines.

The Wicked Workshop is a small project born from my love of horror and monsters. In the coming days and months I will be offering limited run, high end collectible resin creature busts, masks, poster prints, an art book and some other surprises.

Please stop back often for pricing and availability.

You can also visit us soon at

If you're curious about what we're up to or just want to chat you can email me at